Drawing and painting for kids and youths - mainly individual lessons or some type of courses in Czech language with english speaking teacher


Drawing Painting Course for Kids (19 classes, 90min) is designed for children aged 8 to 12 years. Drawing Painting Course for Youths (19 lessons, 120 min) is designed for children aged 10 - 18 years. The course is designed for the beginners as well as for the advanced students. We offer individual lessons for children 3-7 years.

The guarantee of a good quality of educated tutors is a must, we put an emphasis on their individual artworks, character and personal experiences. All of our lectures are emphatic, intelligent with friendly and positive attitude. We believe that the relationship between the teacher and the child is very important and we build on that. We have realized one very important element and that is when a child feels relaxed, comfortable and has a teacher whom he/she can trust, the creativity awakens and the child enjoys the process very much.
The character of each subject and course differs according to each teacher‘s personality. All of our teachers are very special and each of them has an amazing personality and character, therefore the time spent by their side can be educational as well as inspirational.


  • Where? Fine art studio Malování kreslení - Balbínova 28, Prague 2
  • How? 19 lessons / 90 min (children), 19 lessons / 120 min (youths) 
  • How much? membership fee B, (6500 CZK - 90min, 7500 CZK 120min),  individual lessons - the price for the request

What to bring?
In Drawing Painting Course for Kids, all painting supplies are available for free in the studio for courses of kids.
For Drawing Painting Course for Youths, is required to bring drawing and painting supplies - pencils, charcoals, pastels and acrylic colors according to lecturer's recommendation.

The study in the first semester is divided into several parts:

  • Still life drawing – basic technique as a pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink
  • Analysis of the architectural layout (interior, exterior, perspective, proportion)
  • Figural drawing (portrait, figure)
  • Painting (theory of paints, a composition of the picture, techniques of watercolors, pastel, oil, and acryl)
  • Drawing in the open air
  • Personal artworks (combinatory techniques)


Tools needed: All supplies are included in the price of the course: the basic tools for drawing like a pencil, charcoal, papers, pastels, rubber and the basic tools for painting are provided in the studio.

We try to use a relaxed way of teaching where we paint for fun where at the same time the child is playing and is having fun and he/she is learning the techniques and styles in an unpushing way. From our long experiences, we know that teaching the youngest needs to be set differently, therefore the teachers try to engage them very gently and emphatically into the game and each child has a personal and individual approach.

The educational program originates from the principle of a classic academic understanding of the tuition of the art, drawing, and painting. We pay a special focus on the kids getting in touch with the classic themes as the still life (perspective, proportions, composition, shading, hatching), architectural drawing of a space (understanding and expressing of the space), portrait and figural drawing. Gradually we deal with the painting (theory, mixing and applying the paints), we work on the kids’ ability to deepen their sensing of the colors and shapes so they can easily work on their own artworks.

The presence of parents is optional. During the first lesson, the child develops a trust and feels comfortable in the environment. We even discuss the progress with the parents and kids.
We encourage an individual creativity in each child, we help him/her to discover their hidden potential so they could make a conscious choice in the future. We prepare kids for talent exams as well, when they want to apply for art schools. 75 % of our students are successful at admission talent exams.

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Photogallery: Drawing and painting for kids in our art studio in the centre of town!

Respondence of the past participants of our classes:


"B. Was having a trial lesson for free and she was enthrilled! (which is very unusual for my daughter) She would love to attend your classes and she likes the atmosphere in the art studio." Jana W.

"We would like to enrol V. For the Painting and Drawing Classes again as she was very satisfied with the course before. Thank you!" Kateřina B.
 "....thank you very much for a detailed preparation of my daughter D. For the enrol exams! She wouldn’t be able to get a place at the school of her dreams. I would be very pleased if she could continue the study in your studio for the next semester as well. Thanks again to you and Tomáš" Monika D.

"Yesterday, my daughter Emma had an enrollment for a Primary School and one of the tasks was to draw a random picture, so the examiner could see how the kids hold the pencil. Most of the kids drew a typical picture of a house with a sun but Emma drew a mermaid on a cliff  :-) Iwish to all of you a very beautiful weekend and thanks for everything as I know that you and Zaneta, the lector has the main impact on mermaids and on my daughter being offered a place at the Primary School :-)" Kateřina Č.

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