8.7. - 30.8.2024 The Summer Holiday Art Camp for Kids and Youths / 7.000 CZK


The Summer Holiday Day Camp for kids and youth - 7.000 CZK


The Summer Day Camp for kids from the age of 5 years and youth is intended for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. It is possible to modify the program of the course. A part of the program is plein air painting and drawing which takes place outdoors.


  • This course can be used as an entrance exam preparation
  • This course can be used as a start of art training for complete beginners
  • Small kids groups
  • Verified tutors of our courses - academic painters with pedagogical experience
  • 2 teaching blocks 9-12 am and 1-4 pm
  • We are teaching in accordance with health & safety guidelines (regular disinfection of our premises, staying outside)
  • We provide food for the kids
  • All art supplies are included in the price
  • There is an art opening with the kids artworks on the last day of The Summer Day Camp.

The content of the course is focused on providing the basic knowledge of drawing and painting, following the traditional concept of teaching by studying reality as well as free creation based on one's own imagination. 

During the course, children are introduced to basic art techniques and themes. 

Our students learn the basics of image construction, composition and color theory with the aim of achieving artistic expression. At the same time, our students get acquainted with art “science” as we try to encourage them to follow current art trends based on the knowledge of art history. Some courses are additionally enriched with other elements of art, ceramics and design.


  • 8.7. - 12. 7. 2024 Drawing and painting + comics 
  • 15. - 19. 7. 2024  Drawing and painting 
  • 22. - 26. 7. 2024  Drawing and painting + ceramics 
  • 29.7. - 2. 8. 2024 Drawing and painting 
  • 5.8. -  9. 8. 2024  Drawing and painting + comics 
  • 12. - 16. 8. 2024  Drawing and painting 
  • 19. - 23. 8. 2024  Drawing and painting  + Design 
  • 26.- 30. 8. 2024   Drawing and painting 

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