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Are you signed up for a semestral course at our art studio  Malování kreslení in Prague, but you are unable to join some of the lessons? Excuse your absence and compensate for the missed lesson in another term. It is easy! 

You can now excuse your absence from home or while working, we created the option to excuse the lesson through our reservation system. Just a few clicks and it is done! :)



  • overview of the terms of my course
  • absence excuse
  • payment information
  • schedule of my course
  • list of recommended supplies
  • notes for individual lessons
  • my email address
  • password: 111111
  • excused lessons can be replaced in another course
  • 2 excused lessons can be transferred to the next semester 

How does the absence excuse work?

We always write down your presence in the semestral course in our class book which we keep at the reception. Therefore it is necessary that you please stop by at the reception every time you attend the studio and we will mark off your presence in the class. In case that you excuse your absence, we will write down OML (that is the sign for the excused lesson). If you do not attend your class and do not excuse your absence, unfortunately, it is not possible to compensate for your missing lesson.

  • In the reservation system you will find the overview of all your lessons, you can therefore easily find out how many lessons are left until the end of the semester. 
  • If you are without the internet connection at the moment, just send us SMS on phone number +420 777 422 022 and our asistent Lenka or Monika will excuse your lesson for you.
  • You can also excuse the lesson personally at the reception.


How does the replacement of lessons work?

Your absence is already excused and now you would like to compensate it? You can either ask our colleagues at the reception or drop an email to one of our assistants - Lenka or Monika, and they will help you to find the best solution to replace the missed lesson. We always suggest the courses in which there are fewer people so the teacher can pay full attention to you.

Please note that it is necessary to accomplish the replacement of your missed and excused lessons until the end of your semester. For example, if you attend a course in the winter semester 2017/2018 which lasts from the 11th of September to the 10th of February, the last chance to replace your lesson is on the 10th of February. also please be careful about the fact that not all courses end in the same week!

On the day of the replacement, we will cross off your excused lesson and write down the date of your compensation.

Is the replacement of a lesson possible in every course?

Replacement of the lessons is possible in every course that is available in two or more terms in the current semester. For example, your excused lesson of Drawing and painting course on Mondays at 10:00 can be compensated at the Tuesday's Drawing and painting class at 18:00 or at any other course of Drawing and painting which has a vacancy.

In case of attending a course which is held only once a week – for example, the Course of fashion design and illustration – replacement will be possible at the end of the semester by adding one more "compensation" lesson. As another option, we would suggest you a different course which topic is the closest to your course and we will recommend you to replace the lesson in it.

If I attend a course which lasts 3 hours, can I compensate for my course in the 2-hour lesson?

It is always necessary to replace a lesson from the 3 hours course in another course which lasts 3 hours. Equally, we will recommend you to replace the 2-hour lesson in another course which lasts 2 hours. Only in exceptional situations and after a previous agreement, we can allow you to replace the 3-hour class in a 2-hour class and vice versa. In this case, we will compare the prizes of the excused lesson and the "compensation" lesson.

I will not be able to attend more upcoming lessons. What should I do in this case?

Are you going on a long business trip or are you ill for a long time? Do you already know that you cannot replace all your missed lessons until the end of the semester? Let us know as soon as possible and for sure we can find the best solution for you to not lose your lessons.

What if I am not able to compensate my missing lessons until the end of the semester?

If you do not manage to replace all your excused lessons until the end of the semester, it is possible to transfer 2 excused lessons to the next semester, in case that you already have your place reserved in the new semester. This transfer is not run automatically, please contact our assistants Lenka or Monika or ask personally at the reception in advance. In our class book, we will highlight your transferred lessons with a pink marker and the transaction will also be logged in our reservation system.

Your transferred lessons can be added extra (for example 19 +2 extra lessons) or it can be converted into a "credit" and this credit will be deducted from your membership fee for the next semester. Unfortunately, it is not possible to refund the money or use this "credit" to attend a one-day workshop.

What more should I know?

In the reservation system, the student can excuse his/her absence only the nearest lesson and until the end of the specific day at the latest. If you need to excuse more than the following lessons please contact us.


You can contact assistants of our director Lenka and Monika at email lenka@malovanikresleni.cz monika@malovanikresleni.cz
or on phone number +420 777 422 022.


How to apologize your lesson in reservation system?

  • type to your browser: www.rs.malovanikresleni.cz
  • log in: 

    email: your email
    password: 111111 (can be changed)
  • after logging find Přihlášené kurzy in the main bar and click on them
  • new window will open up with a choice to apologize Přihlášené kurzy or Přihlášené workshopy
  • after clicking on Přihlášené kurzy and the correct term (e.g. zima 2015) will show your course
  • click on the whole box
  • there will be newly opened window, in the right column there are all terms of your course
  • click on: Omluvit nadcházející lekci
  • now is your lesson excused
  • compensation of lesson will tick off the receptionist in the day when you replace the excused lesson
  • apology can be cancelled by clicking on: Zrušit omluvu

Student can excuse only upcoming lesson. If you need to excuse more classes at once (e.g. due to holiday), you can ask the receptionist in the studio or director’s assistants.

Unexcused lessons forfeited and cannot be replaced. To the next semester can be dragged only 2 excused lessons, provided that the student acquires the entire course - the price of excused lessons will be deducted. Excused lessons cannot be transferred to credit and then chosen in the form of workshops.

If you have any questions please contact director’s assistants: lenka@malovanikresleni.cz / monika@malovanikresleni.cz

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