Graphic Course, 8300 CZK


In the framework of the Graphics course, we get into the history of graphics and we will get to know tools for creating graphics and their possibilities and applying them in various techniques. We go through various graphics techniques such as depth printing, printing from a height, monotype creation and other combined techniques. 

During the study in the graphics workshop, we will get acquainted with a dry needle, a bar graph, aquatint, monotypes, linocut, woodcut, woodcarving, and even blind printing. For advanced students, we have a combination of techniques - such as etching (F. Goya) or mesotinette, color printing (linocut, woodcut), trapping or combined printing techniques from both height and depth ...

It is possible to print from a height (linocut, woodcut, natural print, material printing, structural graphics - embossing - blind printing, Monotype) and depth printing techniques (dry needle, mezzotint, etching, aquatint, structural and action graphics).

  • Where? Fine Art Studio Balbínova 28, Praha 2 Vinohrady
  • How much? A membership fee A (8300 CZK)


The program of the course can be individually adapted according to the preferences of the students. 

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