Drawing and Painting for Seniors, 5500 CZK


Our Drawing and Painting course for seniors is perfect for retirees who have a passion for art. Whether it's your mother, father, grandparents, or aunt who loves painting and drawing, treat them to a gift they'll truly enjoy—a course at our studio.

This semester-long course (19 lessons, 120 minutes each) is open to everyone, with no upper age limit; participants must have reached retirement age. It caters to beginners, intermediate, and advanced students, with the flexibility to adjust the course load based on individual needs, following consultation with the instructor.

The course emphasizes relaxed painting, providing a serene environment for developing hobbies or exploring creative pursuits. Join fellow students in our studio, where you'll find camaraderie and enjoyment in painting and creative work. Classes are led by experienced teachers who are professional academic painters. Blend fun with learning and take your artistic hobby to the next level.


  • Where? Fine Art Studio Balbínova 28, Praha 2 Vinohrady
  • When? 
    Tuesday10.30-12.30 / 13.30- 15.30 /
    Wednesday 10.30-12.30 / 13.30-15.30
    Thursday 10.30-12.30 a 13.30-15.30
  • Cost: A membership fee B 5500 CZK (19 lessons / 120 min) or 5000 CZK (17 lessons / 120 min)
  • Art supplies: Art Supplies are not included. Here is a list of recommended art supplies.

During our course, we embark on a journey through the fundamentals of drawing and painting, employing a blend of traditional techniques rooted in academic study and freeform exploration fueled by your imagination. You'll be introduced to essential art techniques and themes, gaining insight into image construction, composition, and color harmony to achieve artistic expression. Simultaneously, we delve into the history of art, encouraging exploration of contemporary trends.

At our art studio, we carefully choose our instructors based on their personal artistic expertise, which we consider invaluable and beyond measure. Equally significant to us are their empathy, intelligence, and positive approach to painting and drawing. We prioritize nurturing a supportive environment where the relationship between teacher and student thrives, fostering trust and inspiration. This atmosphere is essential for helping you realize your artistic capabilities.

The course consists of the following parts:

  • Still Life Drawing (introduction to drawing techniques: pencil, charcoal, chalk, ink)
  • Study of Architectural Space (interior and exterior painting, perspective, proportions)
  • Figure Drawing (portraits, human figures)
  • Painting (color theory, composition, techniques: watercolor, pastel, acrylic, oil)
  • Outdoor Sketching
  • Mixed Media Techniques (personal creative projects)


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Photo Gallery: Drawing and painting for seniors


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