Acrylic Painting for beginners (10:00 - 17:00), 1650 CZK

Do you have an idea in your head, a vision?
"Can you see your picture" already, and would you like to paint it?
Do you feel an inspiration, and are you only a step away from that adventure of painting?
You are in the right place!


The one-day workshop Acrylic Painting will teach you to step by step how to complete implementation of your ideas - the realization of the image. An experienced lecturer will gradually guide you from the topic search, through the first sketch to finishing the painting with colors painted on canvas. This one-day workshop is designed for beginners who have never painted, or for slightly advanced painters. 

Maybe, sometimes, there is a moment when you have an idea in your head, a feeling that you want to make a painting, but you don't know how to start? Our teacher will take you through building the image and shows you a variety of tools, which you will be able to play with, as an artist. He will introduce you to the various art techniques, will describe their positive and negative highlights.

While getting known the acrylic colors we will go through the general basics of painting, we will think about keeping and intentionally breaking different techniques. The next step will be thinking about the right choice of the format to realize your intention. We will be talking about the appropriate idea that would be suitable for your painting and its realization. WIthin the creative workshop, we will try different techniques that can enrich your piece of work and provide a "professional artistic zest".

Acrylic Painting workshop is focused on the composition and structure of an image, each participant learns the basic procedures for processing specific artistic ideas. Starting with the first ideas and suggestions through the selection and processing of materials for the layout of your work, we will continue with sketching and creating the final artwork. We will focus on the ability to appreciate and evaluate a promising idea for your image.

Program of the course:

  • getting known the acrylic colors 
  • explaining the method and technique of painting with acrylic
  • choice of appropriate topic or still life for painting 
  • transfer the topic on the canvas 
  • painting and individual consultation 
  • final consultation and painting rating
  • Where? Fine Art Studio Balbínova 28, Praha 2 Vinohrady
  • When? 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (incl. a lunch break)
  • Who? MgA. Petr Raška
  • How much? Membership fee C (1650 CZK)
  • Utilities: All utilities are available in the studio for free
  • Reservation is necessary: by submitting the application for you commit yourself to pay the advance deposit of 500 CZK within 2 days from receiving the confirmation
  • Scheduled dates: 6. 4., 8. 6. 2019


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Photo Gallery: Acrylic paiting or My first painting on a canvas


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