NOVA GALERIE - EXHIBITION OF BIG LITTLE BIG HORN - Jakub Tomáš and Martin Skalický (24.01-28.02.2019)

19/02/2019 13:29

Noemie Collomb






From big to small, we all face a proportion of space and time.

The name of the exhibition refers to something, not the name to the first idea of visual beauty.

At first it was « Big Horn », then it became « Little Big Horn » which is a reference to the principles in which we live today.

A hill looks like a little horn hence the name "horn" in the title.






Jakub Tomáš



Jakub Tomáš is a Czech painter, putting the new forms of painting and art to the fore to highlight human change through pictorial illusion. He does not integrate his compositions in the natural and physical universe but uses many textual matters (paper, newspaper clippings …). 

There is always a real opening on the space and the time unveiled in his artistic discipline.

On white background, and on white walls, paintings come to life and disinhibit themselves as alive through their materials.


Martin Skalický




Martin Skalický is a Czech sculptor, who here create different statues resembling the statues of historical or legendary buildings.

Taking shapes in different tissues, the statues do not really look like reality anymore.

We are, however, used to seeing these statues in the streets but we pay more attention.

The artist draws attention to something that may be disappearing from our vision of the outside world.

It brings attention to the faces of angels, creased dresses…





This is the first time today that I enter the gallery.

My first impression on the atmosphere, is quite cold, the places look like old cellars.


Immediately, we are confronted with a room, with parquet, where a body comes out as absorbed by the ground.







There is then a sort of abyss between the painting and the hands cut like wooden sticks, and the hands heavier in the matter of the child sinking.

The power of these eyes leads us to look at what is in front of him, the statue against the pink wall. From behind, the young statue leads us to go before his eyes, and to look for a way to help him get out of it.


I noticed a set of spaces and locations of the statues.

Indeed, statues or achievements are laid on the floor, sometimes parquet or caravel, sometimes on pedestals, or on stairs or walls.





On the wall watching us.





On the stairs to observe the painting.




On a pedestal, to play on the material


On a pedestal, to play on the material overlay.





I noticed a great relationship between painting and sculptureIn addition, there is a great relationship between subjects and spaces.


We feel like in a spiritual atmosphere, of recollection, through the spaces.


The gallery looks like a sort of labyrinth, where the exhibition takes place through walls, stairs.


The relationship between the body, living or dead, of the deadly blood is present in the universe of the gallery.

Shaping materials on sculptures are found in the use of materials on paints.








I think this exhibition is delicate and very personal.


At first sight, the austere and cold atmosphere of the gallery brings us to meet a surprising history between forms, colors, and links between body and materials.



No links justify the images of real men with those of the imaginary, but the two artists have put their work in common for lost human consents and lost images.


There is no need to use video media or the use of media, because the material works alone.


I liked the fact that the point of view on the works is always different. Everything depends on where we are placed in different places, the image of the works does not seem the same.


The cold and strange atmosphere of the gallery, then projects in the works of the two artists Czech to take us beyond our beliefs and our knowledgeto to not forget where we come from.


This exhibition is both very special and unreal, can open to all types of audience with a broad open mind.

Children may be a little disturbed by the statutes hiding in various corners of the rooms but will be led to look for and play with their eyes.

As for the "older people", they will see perhaps a mixed universe between the present and the past opening up to a future.



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