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13/02/2018 12:06

Recently, Wednesday, January 31 I was visiting one exhibition opening which was hosted by Berlínskej model gallery in Prague 7. Exhibition is called Rohlík (bread roll) by Vojtěch Pollák. I would like to share my thoughts and experience there because I consider this idea really funny.

Rohlík exhibition

(a bread roll, photo from internet, source

The main character, if I can say so, is white roll – as I noticed the cheapest bread roll which you can find in almost all Czech republic supermarkets and bakeries. Maybe it symbolizes tradition and casual living, main element of breakfast or lunch and simple everyday object. Even if it is so simple and not special about anything the roll was added and connected to drone camera and it was given the unique ability to fly and film (unique as for roll – I have never saw flying roll before...).

And here it is – flying roll journey begins, it is flying in some supermarket through all shelves and sections in the shop, easily and calm, just as it would be normal daily shopping trip. It passes narrow corridors of supermarket easily observing groceries, people and sections in the shop. In the video exposed in gallery you can see the view from roll-dron's point and also another camera which is following or observing the roll who is passing by. This helps to imagine how people where feeling when they saw flying roll passing through. You also can see amazed or shocked people who are just doing their shopping, cashiers and shop employees in their routine.

The video is low-fi quality as some security camera or a random video device. Maybe it is also considered as part of idea, because usual daily object – bread roll is so simple, so the video "produced by it” is also as simple and casual as it can be. Just routine, just normal life.

Rohlík exhibition 2 Rohlík exhibition 3

(a moment from exhibition by Vojtěch Pollák – Rohlík, personal photo)

There was also two screens exposed in corners of the gallery which were showing color changing form of “the roll”. It reminds me some project presentation with modern device which was made and produced as innovative creation. It is spinning and moving at the same time changing colours in black background. Because of this representation it starts to look as something special... And in the middle of small gallery space there is “IT” – the masterpiece of construction and technology – flying dron roll. Exposed as the most important invention of modern world, great help for society and proudly left for the viewers observation.

I think this exhibition is not so deep and delicate, but it is fun and makes you to turn on the secret button of happiness which comes from nothing or from simply everything, tolerance for funny ideas and childish imagination and creativity. It helps to start imagining how simple things can be interesting and how could you make your daily routine more interesting, even if it is hard to accept it as real art work, but it really works as ideas generator. Even if you will not see it, because it is really rare and uncommon opportunity to see the “great flying roll”, you can still start living more dunny life and imagine what would be if... if something would be more than it is and does what it has never done…

So come to see and grab some roll instead of a glass of wine


Ernestas Lylaus


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