We are starting a new semester - Instructions - Fine art studio Balbínova 28, Prague

Dear students of Fine art studio Malování kreslení, z.s., the first lesson in our studio is slowly approaching. You will find the instructions for the first lesson below. These instructions are also carefully gone through at the beginning of your lesson, then you can ask any questions and discuss anything personally.

How to Get to Us?

Getting to us is easy. The studio is located at Balbínova 28, Prague 2. The shortest path by walk is from the tram stop Italská (tram no. 11, 13) or from the metro Muzeum (A, C). We have a large sign "Art School" above the door.

Stop at the Reception

In the studio at the entrance, the receptionist asks you for a name and checks if your lesson is paid. If your lesson is not paid yes, please, do not forget to bring the money with you. You can also pay by card.

At the first lesson, we will also tell you the "door access code" that will allow you to open the studio yourself. After entering, be sure to close the door carefully.

Please, stop at the reception every time and tell us your name, we will make a mark in our class book.

First Lesson - Beginners

we will welcome you, we'll talk about the program of the course, we will explain all utilities. The lecturer will discuss with everybody specifically what everyone would like to paint, or which topic will they work on. Then we try to start a simple theme. Next lessons will run specific work and the teacher will consult individually with everybody.

For the first lesson, you can take a few of your best drawings, let's see who is doing what and how we can move on.

If you are preparing for entrance examinations, talk to the lecturer, he will adjust the program according to your future school.

First Lesson - Advanced

If you continue with another semester, you can adjust the program according to your ideas, arrange your first lesson with your lecturer. If you are attending advanced lessons led by MgA. Ildar Youssoupov or MgA. Aldin Popaja, please bring to the first lesson the colors you are used to working with, we will work on and develop the knowledge gained in the last semester.

What to Bring?

You can take slippers, a working coat or a favorite work shirt to your studio, give your kids an apron to avoid the colors. You can also take your favorite teacup with you, we have different kinds of tea, coffee, and a kettle. If you do not get lunch or dinner, you can take it with you and warm up in our microwave :)

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable in the studio and to be an inspiring place for you...

  • we recommend comfortable clothing - such as an older t-shirt, so you do not have to worry about colors
  • in the studio there are 3 kitchens - tea and coffee are available to you free of charge, coffee capsules are for 10 CZK to buy at the reception
  • we ask for a consistent sorting of the waste, washing the cup and keeping the whole studio clean :)

Art Aids for Semester Courses?

 Adult Beginners: All the tools for the first lesson are available in the studio. So, in the first lesson, just come with a good mood and a desire to create :) The teacher will discuss a list of recommen ded tools - depending on your program, experience, preferences... There is no need to take all the recommended tols before the start of the course, you will be told every lesson what will be needed next.

Adult Advanced: At the first lesson, please bring the colors you are used to paint with, we will work on nowledge gained in the past semester.

Children: Children have all the tools throughout the course of Drawing and Painting for children. If they attend a course for youth or adults, they have to buy tolls according to instructions of the lecturer.


Lessons Excusing and Replacing

In case you are unable to attend a lesson due to vacation or illness, it is possible to excuse this lesson and replace it on another day / with another group until the end of your semester. (Lessons may be substituted for courses that are held in two or more runs simultaneously).

Unexcused lessons forfeited and cannot be replaced. You can excuse your lessons yourself in our reservation system, or send us SMS to phone number +420 777 422 022. It is possible to transfer two apologized lessons to the next semester, but only if you arrange it with us in advance. The lessons won’t be transferred automatically.

You can find all the important information about lessons' excusing here: https://www.malovanikresleni.cz/en/semestral-courses/lessons-apologizing-in-the-reservation-system/

Sign your works

Be sure to always sign your paintings and works or make a mark on ceramic products, especially if you are leaving in the studio for the next lesson. A studio of more than 500 students passes through the studio a week, and it could easily happen that your canvas is moved from shelf to shelf or tucked into the back corner ... Signed things are looking much better :)

We Are Recycling

We also take care of garbage in the studio, we have blue paper bags, yellow plastic, green glass, and white round bins for mixed waste.

  • handkerchiefs, pieces of toilet paper or yellow adhesive tapes throw away into a mixed waste bin
  • any waste that has been soaked with turpentine (paper, cloths) also belongs to mixed waste
  • turpentine pour into a special funnel in the back kitchen - it is highly toxic to aquatic organisms, so please do not pour it in a washbasin or a toilet

Thank you for helping us maintain a clean environment! :-)

We look forward to meeting in the studio!


If you have any questions, please contact assistants of the director Lenka and Monika by phone on + 420 777 422 022, or director Nina by email at info@malovanikresleni.cz.

Because of a lot of work, I prefer to communicate via email, but sometimes it would be a pleasure for me to talk to you personally. Nina :-)


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