Drawing and Painting for Youths - 4750 CZK - from 6. 2. 2019 - Starting a New Semester!

Semestral Course of Drawing and Painting for Youths (19 classes, 120 min) is the best solution for teenagers until 18 years old. The lowest limit of age is set after consultation between lector, you and your children. The course is great for beginners, intermediate or also for advanced students. It is also possible to individually change the content of course after the chat with lector.

The content of course is focused on Drawing and Painting´s basics. It follows traditional concepts of learning by studying reality and abstract creation which is based on our imagination. During course students gets to know basics of art techniques and motifs (fixation on drawing with pencil, coal, artistic chalk, with gradual progress to painting – pastel, watercolor painting, acrylic or oil painting. Our students start to understand basics of picture scene, composition, colors compound with the main aim to achieve artistic expression. At the same time they learn about art science, we try to dip into the progress of fine art and motivate them to join actual art trends.

  • Where? Art Studio Drawing Painting, Balbínova 28, Prague
  • When? Wednesday 3:45 p.m. - 5:45 p.m. (19 lessons / 120 min)
  • How much? Membership fee B (4750 CZK - youngsters up to 18 years)

Our studio put enormous and careful effort when it comes to choosing our lectors. We emphasize on their own art production – nothing is more than personal experience. We accept only lectors who are empathetic, intelligent and they have positive feelings not only about painting and drawing. The relationship between teacher and students is the skeleton on which we are building. We believe that pleasant creative atmosphere in out atelier is the most important factor which supports to raise your creativity. Character and direction of subject´s structure are built up by individual art programme made by leading lector. Our lectors are strong individuals and the time that you could spend with them could be for you very inspirational.

Studying in the first semester is divided into several blocks:

  • Drawing of Still-life (introduction to drawing techniques, trying of pencil, coal, artistic chalk, ink)
  • Study of architectonic space (drawing of interior and exterior, perspective, proportions)
  • Figural drawing (portrait, figure)
  • Painting (colors theory, picture composition, watercolor techniques, pastel, acrylic painting, oil)
  • Plein-air drawing
  • Combined techniques (individual self-creating)

Free first lesson aids - papers and sketching paper are available free of charge in the studio for each lesson; for the first lesson, participants receive drawing supplies. On the next lesson, the participants will have their own drawing aids for drawing (paintings, pastels ...) and painting aids (tempera, acrylic or oil paints, paintbrushes, media, palette), according to consultation with the teacher during their studies. You can find the recommended list of supplies here


Free Art History Seminar - Each of the participants of the Course of Drawings and Paintings and Figural Drawings has the opportunity to attend free lectures of the Art History seminar during their semester.


Can you do something unique? Write your benefit to study!

Application form for drawing and paiting for youngsters


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In the Pyrography course, we paint the boards with soldering iron. We will learn how to transfer your idea from paper to wood, we get to know with the line, hatching, shading. Each participant will receive a self-painted plank with a diameter of 22 cm with a cut groove.   Pyrography...
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During the course Painting on Stones, we will paint on stones with a diameter of about 5-10 cm. We'll talk about topics that can be depicted on stones,  and we will paint from reference and also from imagination. We will try to paint with technique "alla prima" - the colors directly on the...
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