Ceramics Course, 9500 CZK


Working with clay is slow, no rush... let's get together to delve into a state of inner concentration, let's caress, sculpt, shape... Let's explore, touch and try. Let seek yourself and find a harmonious shape that will correlate with your aesthetic or human opinions, let's explore the dimensions of our souls through our hands that will give shape to the clay. Let's go ahead as children. The shape and form can be edited as we feel and want. Try throwing clay on the wheel, make your first container, vase, bowl or cup ...

Dirty from clay, cleaned of stress, tension, unpleasant emotions... Take a moment to your creativity and playfulness...


  • Where? Fine Art Studio Balbínova 28, Praha 2 Vinohrady
  • How much? Membership fee A (9500 CZK)
  • When? 19 lessons: 
    Tuesday 6pm - 8pm, 8pm - 10pm
    Wednesday  6pm - 8pm
    Thursday  6pm - 8pm
    or 16 lessons: 
    Monday 5:30 - 7:30pm

Within a semester ceramics course, you can try all the basic techniques of access to ceramic clay (modeling of snakes, plates, sculptural way, throwing on the wheel, forming into molds, casting into molds) and decorate ceramics (glazing in different ways, using glass decoration).

You will learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting, which are combined with pottery making and contribute to the overall development of aesthetic sensibilities. As a bonus, the course includes lessons on creating enameled products. During the course, you have other options outside the realization of your designs.

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