Tiffany mirror - for beginners and advanced participants (10:00 - 16:00), 3000 CZK

Do you also admire the magic reflections of the colorful vitrage in the cathedrals, are you blown away by the movie Amelia from Montmartre and her dreamy world of beads, metal strips and colorful mirrors? Are you interested in learning how to work with the glass? The course of Tiffany vitrage could be the right one for you then!“



The workshop of the Tiffany technique is led by an experienced teacher Ing. arch. Anna Kožuriková, who has many years of experience with the stained glass. The course is suitable even for beginners and it takes place in small groups of 3-4 participants or individually. In the course, we will be shown the basics of the glass craft and the technique of making stained glass, jewels, and small decorations. Within one day you can create and take away handcrafted vitrage, mirror or lamp. All the supplies will be available at your disposal. There is a lection about glass and working with it.

  • Where? Fine Art Studio “Malování kreslení,  Balbínova 28, Praha 2 Vinohrady

  • When? 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. with a lunch break

  • How much? Membership fee C (3000 CZK)

  • Utilities: all utilities included

  • Reservation is necessary: by submitting the application for you commit yourself to pay the advance deposit 500 CZK within 2 days from receiving the confirmation

  • Scheduled dates:   16.3. Tiffany mirror
                                    13.4. Tiffany vitrage

  • it is possible to reserve an individual term


What would you like to create?

  • Tiffany vitrage for beginners and intermediate participants (10:00 - 16:00) - 3000 CZK
  • Tiffany vitrage – mirror (10:00 - 16:00) - 3000 CZK
  • Tiffany lamp (10:00 – 16:00 + 10:00 – 13:00) - 6000 CZK - suitable for advanced participants, material for the lamp in the value of 2000 CZK included  


Program of the workshop – Tiffany technique for beginners and intermediate participants:

  • glass cutting (at the beginning window glass)
  • making a paper stencil
  • cutting the pieces of colored glass for the product
  • adjustment of the pieces by grinder
  • copper tape sticking
  • soldering
  • patinating

What to expect at our art studio?

We will make a stencil according to the drawing, that the teacher will help you to prepare in accordance with your idea or pattern that you'll bring. We will try to cut simple shapes from the flat glass, sharpen it, tape with copper foil, complete, tin it, clean and patinate.


Within the workshop, you will have indeed a possibility to ask whatever comes to your mind. We will advise you where to buy the material and supplies, which thematic literature to study or read. There are different kinds of scented tea, coffee maker and plenty of wonderful books and paintings on the walls. The course promises a pleasant creative atmosphere while working with glass.



Application form - Tiffany vitrage

By submitting the form you agree to our Terms and Conditions.


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