The Atelier of Jirka Houska I. - Basics of Drawing and Painting, 7600 CZK

"Let´s start your painting with professional help from the academic painter Jirka Houska!"


The Atelier of Jirka Houska I. – Basics of Drawing and Painting - this course is great for both - beginner and those who already have had experience in painting and drawing. It is also suitable for people who are preparing for entrance examinations for art schools, but also for people who take art as a relaxation. On a behalf of that, an individual approach is developed for each participant. The base will be a thematic plan for the whole semester, including all the main themes that everyone should try, such as a portrait, a nude, a still-life focused on perspective or a still-life with circular or rounded objects. Just around half of the semester and after testing the main drawing techniques, you could smoothly start painting; according to individual preferences you could choose tempera, acrylic or oil.

You do not have to be afraid of turpentine´s smell because it is not necessary during painting; it is only used when washing. There is also non-sparkling turpentine which you can use if you want.

Of course, it is not necessary to strictly go step by step according to the thematic plan, it is always possible for individual participants to follow their own lines. The goal is not to teach everybody the same, but from the beginning help everyone to develop what is close to him. It is useless to waste time paint something we do not care about when we can paint what we enjoy. The first lesson will focus on drawing a portrait based on a living model, a discipline that is appropriate to train at any stage of visual development, and we will return to it regularly throughout the semester. From the third lesson, there will always be a short 10-minute lecture focused on art techniques, especially oil painting. It is up to everybody if he wants to write notes or just listen and draw.


The course is led by MgA. Jirka Houska, who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the studio of prof. Zdeněk Beran. He is a painter with a wide range of genres, from realistic portraits and landscapes, through the reconstruction of mysterious animals to completely free fantasy paintings of elves or forest spirits. Because of that, he is able to help with the different preferences of the individual participants.


  • Where? Art Studio Painting Drawing, Balbínova 26, Prague
  • When? Tuesday 15:45 - 17:45 or Wednesday 18:00 - 20:00 (19 meetings / 120 min)
  • How much? Membership fee A (7600 CZK - adults), B (5600 CZK - youths up to 18 y.o.)
  • Courses suitable for both beginners and advanced students


Aids for the first free lesson - papers are available for free in the studio for each lesson. Participants will receive drawing aids for the first lesson. In the next lessons, the participants can bring their own drawing aids for drawing (paintings, pastels ...) and painting aids (tempera, acrylic or oil colors, paint-brushes, media, palette), based on consultation with the teacher during their studies. You can find the recommended list of aids here.

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