Oil Painting - BOB ROSS / GARY JENKINS Technology® (10:30 - 16:00) 2500 CZK

Bob Ross / Gary Jenkins ® Oil Painting Courses - The Joy of Painting ® - painting course for everyone with the special technique by American painter Bob Ross. In just one day, each of the participants (even those who never did paint) - paints his own first painting with oil paints on canvas.

 Painting is the technique with a big brush which is even for small children. We will paint on the wet basis - the technique of "wet on wet".

The Bob Ross as well Gary Jenkins‘® technique is a very simple and fast method that will encourage beginners in overcoming the respect for painting and clean canvas. This technique is based on the principle that all participants follow the gradual instructions of creation of a particular painting, learning to put the color in a particular way, the painting is formed in single steps that the lecturer will always explain. The course participants have a choice of multiple themes - viz. images below. 


"Prove that you can do it too. You also have talent. Simply having at least one healthy hand :-). "

    Jana Laštovičková Grygarová, certified instructor of the course

  • Where? Fine Art Studio “Malování kreslení,  Balbínova 28, Praha 2 Vinohrady
  • When? 10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. with a lunch break
  • Who? Jana Laštovičková Grygarová
  • How much? Membership fee C (2500 CZK)
  • Utilities: All utilities are available in the studio for free – canvas, oil colors, brushes etc.
  • Reservation is necessary: by submitting the application for you commit yourself to pay the advance deposit 500 CZK within 2 days from receiving the confirmation
  •  Prepared dates: 23. 3., 18. 5., 15. 9., 24. 11. 2019

 We are looking forward to meeting you and we believe that with us you will discover your painting talent!


Samples for painting - BOB ROSS technology®

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