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"Fine Art Studio Malovani kresleni, z.s. is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide teaching art to children, youth, adults and seniors in the highest possible quality and level. Art courses are conducted by academic painters, sculptors, architects and designers. Visit us to see the quality of our services!"
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Fine art studio Malování a kreslení - drawing and painting lessons

In our studio we welcome all those interested in teaching drawing, painting and other artistic techniques. Our fine art studio in Prague is open to all who are interested in learning how to draw, paint and/or experiment with other artistic techniques. Our classes cater to developing artists of all ages and skill levels, from pre-school children to adults. We recognize that each student is unique, and therefore offer customized classes to meet individual needs. We take great pleasure in nurturing and guiding each student to their highest artistic potential in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere.

For someone, enjoyment and relaxation may be all he wish for in a class, while others require more focused and intensive approach, such as putting together a professional portfolio and preparing for high school / university entrance exams.

Our experienced team of instructors offers assistance in preparing for entrance exams to the following schools: School of Architecture (FA CTU in Prague, Prague Academy of Applied Arts, Prague Academy of Fine Arts, FA Brno, FA Liberec) and School of Design (Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Academy of Applied Arts in Prague).

Our fine art studio offers regular 2-hour classes, or multi-day workshops.

We also have an active architectural studio, where students have the opportunity to look behind the scenes of building design and discuss their work with qualified architects and designers, as part of the university preparation courses.

We offer a variety of courses, from traditional drawing and painting, open air painting, oil painting, watercolour painting, figurative drawing, evening drawing, silk painting, through to computer graphics, screenwriting, set design and the basics of filming...

We are looking forward to meet you! The studio team and Nina Hedwic.

If you have any questions, please contact us.
If you have any questions, get in touch, or phone us to arrange a studio visit at Balbínova 28, Praha 2.
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Semestral courses

Course origami (10 lessons, 120min) is a course designed for the general public, mostly for adults. The course is designed for beginners and intermediates. Within the course of origami in each meeting we will go through specific topics from the history of the art of origami, through traditional or themed models, you get to know more about tools...
"Let's discover together with us comics as a medium,  a glance into the rules of creating of comics and let's break those rules!"   A Course of Comics - during the course, we will gradually learn how to understand comics as a medium of communication and stories. All the topics are designed to bring a new experience in the field of...
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Course throwing on the potter's wheel is designed for all those who desire to work with ceramic clay. The aim of the course is to potter necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and learn the procedures for creating freehand.   Throwing on the potter's wheel attracts both children and adults. Work with clay is a pleasant relaxation associated with creating a homemade vessel. Course throwing on the wheel, it is possible to devote as a gift, we will issue you a voucher.   Where?...
Are you not sure if is painting course right for you? Do not worry! We offer a trial lesson for indecisive people - you come into the studio, we will explain to you all about its functioning, the trainer will discuss with you your interests and tries to propose an appropriate way of learning you. Then you can be present at...
"Do you have a nice old painting that you would like to take good care of? Did you find a gem in your attic or you simply want to know how we should take care of paintings by ourselves at home?"   During our one-day restorer course, we won’t make a professional out of you, this field is studied for several years and requires long practice. The aim of this course is to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge on the fundamentals of the art of paintings restoration. We will try to...
"Portrait is a visual task that has attracted mankind since the beginning of civilization, let us remember gods and their views on clay rollers, Egyptian portraits, Roman ... Portrait is a chance to look at each other for a long time, stop and don´t hurry, search on its face, expression, figure details, admire them and try them transfer in their distinctive splendor to paper so that the picture was similar as person. You do not have all the details meticulously neat, try briskly...
"Do you admire expressionist paintings? They can brilliantly work with color, with its mass. How could they know how to make something so creative and free? Let's learn it by the gesture, spatula and smile with us."   In the workshop of Passionate Expression, each participant will learn the basic information about materials and pads for the painting and the basic principles of classical...
In the Pyrography course, we paint the boards with soldering iron. We will learn how to transfer your idea from paper to wood, we get to know with the line, hatching, shading. Each participant will receive a self-painted plank with a diameter of 22 cm with a cut groove.   Pyrography -  the art technique of painting with "Fire" on wood or leather. Soldering iron have changeable spikes, each spike leaves a special trace. With each choice of the tip, firing temperature,...
Bob Ross ® Oil Painting Courses - The Joy of Painting ® - painting course for everyone with the special technique by American painter Bob Ross. In just one day, each of the participants (even those who never did paint) - paints his own first painting with oil paints on canvas. Painting is the technique with a big brush which is even for small children. We will paint on the wet basis - the technique of "wet on wet". Bob Ross technique is very simple and fast method that will encourage...
"A unique artistic evening – combining drawing and painting with a glass of wine…"   Where? Fine Art Studio Balbínova 28, Praha 2 Vinohrady When? 8:15 p.m. - 10:15 p.m. How much? Membership fee C (450 CZK) Utilities: All utilities are available in the studio for free Reservation: info@malovanikresleni.cz or Registration and prices Priparing dates: 29. 1., 26. 2., 26. 3., 30. 4., 28. 5., 28.6. 2019 Více...
"The painter must know at first that the truth is hidden in subtlety." (Su Tungpcho) As part of the Watercolor Painting Course, we will learn about watercolor painting techniques, showcase the possibilities that this kind of painting offers, how to prepare the paper before painting, and how to adjust the resulting painting. A watercolor is often referred to as the "most difficult" painting technique, as it does not offer much space for repairs, such as oil painting, but with us, you can...
Painting on silk is centuries old technique that came from Asia. In the course painting on silk or silk “stained glass,” we will show you the basic principles of painting on silk. We can paint on silk scarf -  we have several different sizes, or you can choose wheel silk stretched over a metal frame with a diameter of 20 or 30 cm.   We will show you the technique of painting on dry -  contour painting then fill it with color, and painting on wet – using watercolor. We will...
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