Summer plein air painting - 7. - 10. 6. 2018, 4500 CZK

"Are you a little tired, uninspired and without new ideas? Do you want to "dropped out" somewhere?

Are you attracted to paint and draw directly in nature? Would you like to enjoy a nice time filled with painting, painting and painting again?

Leave on a moment everyday worries and come with us to embark nice work!"


Summer art workshop - "plein air painting" - takes us step by step along the way to realizing your dream image. Within the plein air painters will learn about the art techniques (pencil, charcoal, red chalk, pastels). Individual techniques in detail and discuss practical examples to show the advantages of each material, documents and procedures drawings. Gradually move through the wash drawing and watercolor to painting (oil or acrylic paints on canvas). We will not avoid complex tasks such as stretching and preparing canvas, get to know terms such as image composition, perspective, space, color theory. Let's get to the underpainting and glazing painting, try the ala prima painting.

The theme will be landscape, the goal will be by practical steps lead to the ability to see visions, learn to look. Painting courses will take place in the open air, or in a local studio (depending on weather and mood). Courses are led by experienced lecturers - academic painters.



  • What is not included? Transportation, meals (there are kitchens in each apartment), art aids


Inspiration by one of the best Czech landscape - Vaclav Radimský



Application form for summer plein air painting

And now the main thing! Program of plein air painting - summer painting workshop: 

(detailed program will be sent to all registered participants)

After the start of painting plein air, meeting with teachers we will talk about painting and drawing in the landscape, will talk about the importance of the choice of subject , go around, try to find a sketch or photo themes. In the evening we will talk about the technology of painting and drawing, stretching and preparing the canvas. The next day will enter with morning warm-up and the drawing - there will be the topic of drawing techniques, perspective, shading. Then we will jump on watercolor (color theory, painting materials and techniques, demonstrations) and spend a pleasant evening lecture on painting and landscape painting (MgA. Jiří Houska). The next day we  will "work hard" on painting in plein air and ongoing consultation. In conclusion, we are waiting for final consultation and exhibition.


During will be available at all our teachers, we will discuss your work and answer your questions. Individual treatment program is possible and we will always honor your own rhythm and time for painting. The aim is to enjoy a pleasant time painting, discard worries and focus on your interests and hobbies with a group of similar people for whom painting is also a passion.


The program will be complemented by a "theoretical" Lectures on painting and drawing, art technologies ...

In the supplementary program you can enjoy an evening lecture that will enrich your view of the world or the morning meditation that will relax and tune to the painting. Lectures will be on a two topics: Psychosomatics - harmony of body and soul, and how happy relationships . Both lectures will lead an experienced lecturer and consultant Ing. Vojtěch Lust. On meditation will cooperate with him Ing. Barbora Zumotová.


Lecturer and yoga instructor will lead yoga classes. We get to know the basic types of exercise, pleasant to sag and relax. Yoga is a wonderful way to find peace not only for painting but also for life. If you would like to sag the body and soothe the soul before painting, these "warm-up" are exactly what you brighten the day and creates a smile on your face :-)

Participation in all programs is voluntary, simply the whole plein air you will only do what at the moment you feel like it :-)


Plein Air Schedule:

  •     Thursday 15:00 to 17:00 arrival and accommodation
  •     Sunday 14:00  to 16:00 departure home


Recommended art aids:

Take everything you have at home, what do you like paint or draw with even what you have never used it. We will advise you with all the older tubing will paint again! You could need these tools too:

  •     pencils, plastic eraser, sketchbook (watercolor paper)
  •     set of chalks and pastels (chalk or dry)
  •     ink and pen
  •     hardcover format A3 or A2
  •     tempera or acrylic paints
  •     set of oil paints, turpentine (if you want to paint with oil )
  •     watercolor
  •     brushes (flat and round, roughly 10p)
  •     pallet (or a piece of "something", where can be applied colors)
  •     water container (glass, cut off pet bottle)
  •     folding fishing chair (if you prefer to sit while the painting )
  •     canvas and frames (all take also from the studio, that will be available to purchase as required for reasonable prices on the spot)



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