MgA. Chloë Bonet

MgA. Chloë Bonet

Jméno a příjmení (i s tituly): / Name and Surname with degree

My name is Chloe Bonet, I have a Bachelor's degree in fine arts and a Masters in Arts therapy.

Místo narození: / Place of birth

I was born in a little town called Thouars in France, but I spent half of my life living in Africa.

Můj největší dětský sen? / My biggest childhood dream?

I wanted to become a paleonthologist, and a singer.

Můj nynější sen? / My current dream?

I am really happy, and I always try to live my life with no regrets, but I would love to develop even more my carreer with my band ;)

Co mě přivedlo k umění? / What brought me to art?

I was a shy and introverted little girl, and I always found it easier to communicate through arts. It helped me to develop my relationship to the other children.

Můj umělecký vzor: / My artistic ideal:

Lucian Freud, because he found exactly how to show life in a painting.

Můj životní vzor: / My life ideal:

Staying in love forever, combining both a family life and an artistic career ;)

Nejzajímavější zážitek ze studia? / The most interesting experience from the school?

The mean teachers I had, because they unintentionally pushed me forward ;) the kind teachers because I wanted to become like them.

Jak jsem se dostala do tohoto výtvarného ateliéru? / How did I get into this art studio?

I moved in the street, I knocked at the door, I fell in love with the studio and they gave me a chance and adopted me ;)

Čeho bych chtěla v životě ještě dosáhnout? / What I want to achieve more in my life?

I would like to live without any regrets.

Jak bych se jednou větou charakterizovala? / How would I characterize me in one sentence?

I am a dedicated person, and I always try to do my best.

Kdybych se mohla na jeden den převtělit do opačného pohlaví, co bych dělala? / If I could be reincarnated into the opposite sex for one day, what would I do?

I would do a lot of shopping, as I think it is much easier for a man to dress ;)

Máš Facebook (proč?)? / Do you have Facebook (why?)?

Yes, to keep in touch with the people I love, even though we are far from each other.


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