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Dear students of fine art studio Malování kreslení, z.s.,

below you can see information regarding studies in our fine art studio, please review them carefully before your first lesson.
We'll talk more about them at the first meeting in the studio, thus adding any questions and discuss in person.

How to get to the studio?

The studio is located at Balbinova 28, Prague 2. Shortest path walk is from the tram stop Italská (tram 11, 13) or from the metro Museum (A, C line). We reside in a gray corner house, we have written "Výtvarný ateliér" above the door.

After coming to the studio please report your name at the front desk, the receptionist ticks off the list of students and tell you in which room will be held your lesson. Before each lesson receptionist ticks off the students in the attendance list.

At first lesson we will give you "access code for the door" through which you will be able to open the door. Upon entering, make sure that you carefully shut behind you.

First lesson?

The first lesson is introductory, we will welcome you, we'll talk about program of the course, we will explain all utilities. The lecturer will discuss with everybody specifically what everyone would like to paint, or which topic will they work on. Then we try to start a simple theme. Next lessons will deal with specific work and the teacher will consult individually with everybody.

In the case that our courses will prepare you for the entrance talent exam, take with you a few of your best works to your first lesson we will use them for consultations.

Other lessons?

If you work on one picture for few lessons, remember to always sign it, or to make mark on your ceramics. Maybe it happens that your image will be on a different shelf next lesson than where you left it, but you do not have to worry signed paintings are never thrown away =)

If you continue with us next semester, it is possible to adjust the schedule according to your needs, arrange it with the teacher at the first lesson.

If you are preparing for the entrance exam with us, talk about it with the teacher and bring the requirements for the audition, the teacher will adjust your schedule according to the orientation of your future school.

During the lessons you or your work will be occasionally photographed, if you did not want to be in the photos, please let colleagues at reception know before lessons or during a photo shoot.
If you ever wanted to share the results of your work, do not hesitate to send us pictures, we will publish them on our website and social networks :)

I cannot come to my lesson, what can I do?

In case that sometimes you cannot come to your lesson, we have an apologizing system. You can apologize your lesson in advance through the reservation system or through sms, phone +420 777 422 022. Instructions to apologize found here: apologizing.

Only excused lessons can be replaced on another day / with another group. Lesson replaxing is possible for courses which are held simultaneously in two or more runs. For courses that run only in one term, we will add a substitute lesson at the end. Semester has 19 lessons, your excused lessons can be replaced at any time during the semester.

It is possible to transfer a maximum of 2 lessons to the next semester, provided that you book the whole course. Transferred lessons can be attributed to existing lessons (eg. 19 + 2 classes), or converted to "credit" and the "credit" deducted from the membership fee for the next semester. Excused lessons cannot be replaced in a workshop.

Utilities for semester courses?

Adults and teenagers: all utilities to the first lesson are available in the studio. So come to the first lesson "only" in a good mood! The teacher will discuss a list of recommended tools - depending on your program, experience, preferences... There is no need to take all the recommended equipment before the start of the course, you will be told every lesson what will be needed next.

In the studio we have glasses for water, turpentine and for oils used by oil painting and also rags that can be used when painting with acrylic and oil colors. Please observe the distribution of glasses for water and turpentine, as well as rags for acrylic and oil, so that they can be used by other students. Oval color palettes are only for children. Adults can borrow square wooden pallet for oil painting.

Children: have all the utilities throughout the course of drawing and painting for children. If they attend a course for youth or adults, buy the equipment according to instructions of the teacher.


When we log you into your course, you will automatically receive instructs for the payment through the bank account. Please make sure to enter the correct variable symbol under which we paired payments, and do not forget to write your surname in a note.

You can also pay by cash or card at the reception in our studio. We also accept vouchers Edenred (multi ticket, compliments, sport and culture, benefits card ticket), Sodexo vouchers (RelaxPass, FlexiPass, DárkovýPASS and FokusPASS, flexi card) and Le Cheque Dejeuner vouchers (Unišek + Unišek, Cadhoc gift voucher).

It is also possible to arrange a split of the payment of the membership fee up to 3 amounts payable during the semester. We prefer the first payment at your first lesson, as such a confirmation that with we can count on you in the course, we will discuss the other payment parts individually according to your payment possibilities.

We also agree that you purchase only part of the lessons or lesson individually. For semester courses that have 19 lessons, we have a special price when you buy 10 or more lessons.

What else to bring with you?

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable in the studio and make an inspiring place. You can take the slippers, smock or favorite work shirt in the studio, to be not afraid of colors, and also a favorite cup of tea. There are 3 kitchens in the studio – tea and coffee are available for free, we have also coffee capsule into the machine to purchase at the reception for 15 CZK.

We sort waste

The studio also pay attention to waste management, we have blue bags for paper, yellow for plastic, green glass and white round basket for mixed waste.

To mixed waste includes mainly: handkerchiefs, pieces of toilet paper, yellow tape and any waste soaked in turpentine (paper, rags...). Do not pour out turpentine to the sink - we have special container for it. Our lecturers or receptionist will be happy to advise you where you can find it.

We beg for your consistent waste sorting, washing cup consecutive and generally maintaining order. Thank you for helping us maintain a clean studio and a clean environment =)

In our studio you have to follow safety rules, behave well so you don’t cause any injuries to yourself or to your classmates. In the studio you are at your own risk, and all your activities are undertaken at your own risk.

Important contact: Monika Sekavová and Lenka Trávníčková, assistant directors: +420 777 422 022, liaison officer and coordinator of your lessons. They will give advice anytime. E-mail contact to director Nina is info@malovanikresleni.cz.


We look forward to meeting you at the first lesson!

You have come to the studio earlier, or you are an escort and need to use wifi? Do you have a taste for delicious Italian coffee or glass of wine after your lesson? Do not forget to visit our new Café New Gallery and view the current exhibition in the New gallery! It is open daily except Sunday.



Creative fashion design - 25. 2. 2017 (10:00 - 17:00) - 1500 CZK

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Origami lecture – penetrate into the world of folded paper - 450 CZK - from 27. 2. 2017

During the lecture you may introduce with the art of paper folding from its history to the present. We will describe the evolution of the popular origami trend – the fauna and flora – we will show abstract and mathematical models, minimalism, extreme origami, modular origami, origami influence on...

India ink painting - 26. 3. 2017 (10:00 - 15:00) - 1500 CZK

India ink painting is ready for artists who are interested in works of art as idea, mode of expression, or handwriting as the articulation of the body. The technique of india ink painting has been known in the form of simple contoured Egyptian paintings-drawings that makers record on a limestone...

Trial lesson - Drawing painting class - 26. 2. 2017 (4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.) - 360 CZK

Are you not sure if is painting course right for you? Do not worry! We offer a trial lesson for indecisive people - you come into the studio, we will explain to you all about its functioning, the...

Sculptural portrait - a weekend workshop - 3. - 5. 3. 2017 - 5500 CZK

 "Dive into the world of classical sculpture, Learn to practice realistic modeling of clay sculpture by nature in scale 1:1"   This sculpture workshop is for anyone who wants to learn how to make a model by nature or need to prepare for entrance exams of sculpture or design fields. We...

Oil painting - BOB ROSS technology® - 4. 3. 2017 (10:00 - 15:00) - 2500 CZK

Bob Ross ® Oil Painting Courses - The Joy of Painting ® - painting course for everyone with special technique by American painter Bob Ross. In just one day, each of the participants (even those who never did paint) - paints his own first painting with oil paints on canvas. Painting is the...

The first step into the world of colors - 4. 3. 2017 (10:00 - 16:00) - 1500 CZK

The first step into the world of colors - for beginners - Give yourself the gift of a lifetime teach with us to draw and paint!   "Every little child, if you give him a colors and paper or canvas, immediately begins to paint spontaneously. It is creative, painting makes him to joy and...

Watercolor painting for beginners and advanced - 5. 3. 2017 (10:00 - 16:00) - 1500 CZK

The aim of the course is to familiarize yourself with this painting technique, with its history, with various possibilities of painting in watercolors by painting a gradual prove it for their own. Why paint a watercolor technique? Perhaps because of its charm lies between freshness painter...

Oil painting for beginners and intermediate - 11. 3. 2017 (10:00 - 17:00) - 2500 CZK - the most favourite course!

  On Saturdays, we will be running a Course in oil painting for beginners and intermediate students in our Art studio.  Within the frame of the course, each of the participants will learn about the main instruments and tools used in the oil painting. They will be taught the main skills of...

Acrylic painting or My first painting on a canvas – 18. 3. 2017 (10:00 - 17:00) - 1500 CZK

Do you have an idea in your head, vision? "Can you see your picture" already and you would like to paint him? Do you feel an inspiration and are you only step away form that venture into painting? So you are on the right place!   The one-day workshop, my first painting on canvas, will teach...
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